How do I receive appointment confirmation emails?

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If you're not receiving emails like confirmation notifications sent when schedules are confirmed from Spir, adjusting your email delivery system's opt-out settings can help you start receiving these notifications.

Steps to Adjust Opt-Out Settings

  1. Click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails such as onboarding messages or release announcements received from Spir before July 2023. *Search for emails from Spir by checking for the subject line "[Spir]."
  1. Press the "View Opt-Out Preferences" button at the bottom of the opt-out settings page.
  1. On the Opt-Out Preferences page, change the opt-out setting for the "EMAIL TYPE" labeled as "Important: Spir System Notifications" to "NO." Then, click "Save Preferences" at the bottom of the screen.
Following these steps will enable the delivery of system notification emails from Spir.
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