Switch to invoice payment

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This page is not updated, so please refer to the above for the latest information.
Spir supports credit card payments, but if you prefer invoice payments, please review the following information and apply via the form provided below.

About Invoice Payments

  1. Please submit your request through the application form below at least 2 business days before your desired start date.
  1. Upon successful acceptance of your invoice payment request, the monthly invoice for the following month will be issued to the email address provided for invoice delivery on your start date. The first month's charges will be prorated for the initial month only.
  1. Subsequent invoice payments will be billed monthly, with invoices sent to the specified email address at the beginning of each month. The payment due date will be within one month.


  • Starting a paid subscription from 9/21:
    • 9/21: Invoice issued for payment by 10/21 (pro-rated for the initial month)
    • 10/1: Invoice issued for payment by 10/31 (full month's payment)
    • Following months: Invoices issued at the beginning, payments by month-end
    • Upon termination: Termination coincides with the payment for the issued invoice month. Refunds or prorated payments are not applicable upon termination.

Applying for Invoice Payments

  1. Please apply via this form.
  1. Once processed, our support team will guide you through the process.