Sign up for Spir

The help page has been moved here.
This page is not updated, so please refer to the above for the latest information.
Get started with Spir by signing up - it's completely free!
  1. Proceed through the sign up page and follow the steps.
  1. Choose the account you want to link to Spir from Google or Microsoft.
  1. Grant Spir the necessary permissions.
  • Google
    • View user's personal information
    • Read the email address of the Google account
    • View and read calendar events
    • Read and download calendars accessible using Google Calendar
  • Microsoft
    • Read user information
    • Read/write calendar
    • Offline access (offline_access)
  1. From the settings, select the calendar you want to connect. The accounts already linked to Chrome will be displayed.
  1. Check the empty checkbox and continue. If you don't, the calendar will not be displayed.
  1. Once you've completed these steps, you'll be taken to the Spir management dashboard. You'll also receive an onboarding email from Spir at the email address you provided during registration.