Integrating with Salesforce Using Zapier

Using Zapier integration, you can connect confirmed schedule information to Salesforce. Here are the steps on how to set this up.

1. Integration requirements

  • Spir account (Team plan)
  • Zapier account (Free or Paid plan)

2. Steps for Zapier integration

  1. Prepare a Webhook URL in Zapier
    1. Add a Webhook Trigger in Zapier (Generate a Webhook URL)
  1. Connect the issued Webhook URL to our system
    1. Enter the issued Webhook URL in the application form below.
  1. Confirm event on the availability URL after receiving a setup completion notice
    1. Test and confirm the scheduling on the desired availability URL. This helps with configuring while checking sample data via Zapier.
  1. Load the test JSON in Zapier
    1. In the Test tab of the Webhook Step created in step 1, load the JSON from the availability URL confirmed in step 3.
      Confirm the recorded request and select it.
  1. Filter using the availability URL
    1. Add a filter in Zapier.
      Specify the link of the availability URL you want to filter using .
      If filtering multiple availability URLs, add "or".
  1. Convert form responses
    1. Add a format in Zapier.
      JSON of form responses in Zapier is converted to a comma-separated string data like CSV. Configure the Formatter to separate using commas.
  1. Separate first and last names (Optional)
    1. Add a format in Zapier.
      Since the invitee's name () might have the first and last name together, split them using a space.
      We recommend adding a space between the first and last names in the survey form's help text.
  1. Integrate with Salesforce
    1. Add Salesforce integration in Zapier.
      Set actions like Create Lead or Update according to your requirements.