Schedule on behalf of a team member

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Scheduling can be created on behalf of other team members, which is useful for tasks such as secretarial work or interviewing.
  1. Select the team from the top-right icon.
  1. Choose "Calendar" from the top menu, press the "Create event" button,
    1. Click on "Create event with someone".
  1. Once the creation panel appears, select the event type.
  1. Under "Calendar" select the team member you want to act as the organizer.
  1. Click "Save" to complete the creation. An appointment scheduling event will be created with that member as the organizer. Share the scheduling URL or HTML text with the invitees.
  1. Notification emails will be sent upon schedule confirmation.
When the invitee confirms the schedule, notification emails will be sent to the member set as the "Organizer," those set as "Attendees," and the member who created the scheduling on behalf of others.