Exclude weekends and holidays from your availability

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Ever found yourself accidentally scheduling something on a holiday or national holiday while using appointment scheduling software? Don't worry; let's exclude holidays and national holidays from the schedule.

When Using "Templates"

You can set the range to suggest candidates, so choose the holidays you want to exclude. By default, weekends are set as holidays and cannot be selected.
For public holidays, under "Time zone and exceptions," you can choose the "Exclude holidays" option by country.
※ By default, there is no setting for public holidays, but when creating the "Templates" link, you can configure it.
By duplicating it, you can create a "Templates" link with settings to exclude public holidays from the start.

When Suggesting Time Slots

By default, weekends are excluded as holidays. If you wish to have different settings for each URL, clicking "Automatically extract candidates" allows you to choose the holidays to exclude by country.