Make your calendar private

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When syncing multiple calendars in Spir, you might need to hide details from secondary job-related calendars for your team. In the Team Plan, you can set permissions to "Share time slots" while hiding the schedule details for each connected calendar.
  1. Click on the team icon from the top-right corner of the screen.
  1. Select "Team Settings" and click on "Shared calendars"
  1. You can modify the settings for each calendar.
To keep it private, select "Share availabilities only."
Note: When "Share all events" is selected, the team can view the entire schedule's content. By choosing "Share availabilities only," they can only see the presence or absence of events. Opting for "Don’t share" keeps the entire calendar private, but it restricts automated scheduling considerations that involve this unshared calendar.
  • There are three ways to share My Calendar, use them as needed:
    • Share all events: Team members will have access to all details within this calendar.
    • Share availabilities only: Team members will have access to time slots only, not the specifics of the schedule.
    • Don’t share: Team members will not have access to this calendar's schedule.
Note: Google Workspace administrators may see calendars other than their own as "Shared calendars". If "Share all events" or "Share availabiliities only" is selected, other individuals' calendars may be recognized as part of your own schedule. If you notice calendars other than yours being displayed, select "Don’t share."