Can candidate dates and times be sent as HTML?

The help page has been moved here.
This page is not updated, so please refer to the above for the latest information.
Candidate dates and times for schedules on Spir can be sent as URLs or as HTML. The party receiving candidate dates and times in the form of HTML text can confirm the date and time by simply clicking on their preferred choice.
Note: A separate URL will be pasted for tools like Messenger that are incompatible with text links.
The organizer and recipient can easily complete scheduling without having to write our candidate dates and times.

Scheduling with HTML

① Once the schedule is created, click on “Copy rich text” under “Share Email.”
② Write a message on an email or on Messenger and use ⌘+V (Ctrl + V) to paste.
③ The recipient will confirm the date and time and complete scheduling by simply clicking on their preferred possible date and time.
Note: If the recipient is not a Spir user, they will be asked to enter their email address.