Suggest times to schedule (scheduling)

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Choose candidates from your calendar and configure the required conditions to create a scheduling URL.

Scheduling by suggesting times

  1. Select Calendar from the menu, click +Create event, and then click “Create an event with someone.“
  1. Select Event under schedule types.
    1. Event: Schedules in which the other party confirms the appointment from a list of slots
      Group polls: Schedules in which attendees cast ballots and the organizer confirms the appointment
      *Event is selected by default.
  1. Enter the required information including the title and duration of the meeting.
  1. The slots are automatically extracted and displayed on the calendar when the event is created.
    1. The extraction conditions can be changed by clicking on “Auto suggest” (Click here to learn more)
  1. Drag directly from the calendar to add or delete slots.
    1. Click on “Save” after adjusting your preferred slots.
  1. Copy the link or times and send them to other parties to the event via email or messenger apps.
  1. Those who receive the URL can choose their preferred slot from a list or calendar to confirm the appointment for the event.
    1. There’s no need for them to register with Spir, and those who have a Spir account can compare slots with their own schedules.
Once the date is selected and confirmed, a confirmation email is sent to all attendees and the appointment is registered on their calendars.

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