Change the recipient information for paid plans

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This page is not updated, so please refer to the above for the latest information.
Only team administrators can make changes.
Start by selecting the team icon displayed in the top right corner within the Spir service.

Changing Company Name

  1. From the top menu, choose "Team settings," then select "Organization profile" from the menu displayed on the left side.
  1. Enter the company name and required details, press the save button, and confirm the changes.
You can download past invoices/receipts from the payment information page. However, the company name is finalized during payment, so this change won't reflect in past documents. The new company name will be used from the next payment onwards.

Changing Address

  1. Select the Payment Information menu.
  1. Click on the button to review payment information.
  1. Press the "Update " button for billing details within the screen opened in a separate tab.
  1. You can modify the email address and your address. Make necessary changes, press the save button, and confirm the modifications.