[Members] Basic settings

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Thank you for starting with Spir! In this article, we'll explain the necessary basic settings and useful usage methods for those invited as Spir team members.
Spir allows for efficient scheduling among team members or on behalf of members. Please follow this article to set up and experience scheduling with Spir.

Easily schedule by sharing Spir link

Spir is a calendar platform that handles scheduling to event management. It offers seamless integration with multiple calendars, scheduling from sending video call URLs, and even calendar registrations, all in one place.
This efficiently streamlines tasks previously required for scheduling—such as exporting potential dates while viewing calendars, registering confirmed dates on calendars, issuing online conference URLs, and contacting participants.
With Spir, scheduling completes in three steps: 1. Send the created Spir availability link via email or other means. 2. The recipient selects a date from the proposed time slots and confirms the schedule. 3. Automatically, as the organizer, your calendar creates the schedule with the invitee and simultaneously sends the video call link.

Start with Basic Settings

For team usage, both those coordinating and being coordinated need to register as members. Registering allows sharing calendars on Spir, enabling administrators who send invites to manage coordination and proxy scheduling. Additionally, it's available for your personal scheduling needs.
Basic settings cover member registration and calendar configuration.

[1] Register as a team member

Initially, team administrators will send invitations. Start by clicking "Join the Team" in the email and register on Spir.

[2] Connect your calendar

  • To use Spir with your calendar, first link your calendar account.
  • Choose the calendar account you want to link, check the empty checkbox, and proceed.
  • After allowing permission, you'll be directed to Spir's setting page. This completes your team participation, enabling administrators and members to coordinate with your schedule on Spir.

[3] Add additional calendars (Optional)

For scheduling beyond work, including side jobs and personal activities, click "+ Add a calendar" at the bottom of your calendar list. Follow the same steps as outlined in step 2 to grant Spir permission.
If you prefer team members not to see your calendar schedules, follow the settings below.
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[4] Integrate Online Meeting Tools

By integrating online meeting tools, URLs are automatically generated upon scheduling.
  • Google Meet: Upon linking with Google Calendar, Google Meet URLs are automatically generated after scheduling.
  • Zoom: Click your name/team name, go to "Account Settings." Click "Connect" next to Zoom, sign in to Zoom, and allow integration.
This completes the essential initial setup.

Start Scheduling with Spir!

Here's a summary of the team-oriented features Spir offers. It's a useful reference guide to get started.
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If you have any questions about using these features, please refer to our User Guide or contact us through the chat window available in the bottom right corner of the service.