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Thank you for using Spir's team features. We've created a variety of features to make collaboration between multiple people easier within Spir's team functionality.
This article highlights two particularly useful ways to customize your team functionality.

[1] Scheduling on Behalf of Team Members

The proxy scheduling feature lets you schedule appointments on behalf of your team members. For example, it's useful for recruitment teams to schedule interviews, or for inside sales teams to coordinate the schedules of field sales reps.

Case Study

At Money Forward Kessai, this feature is utilized for scheduling interview appointments.
Two particularly handy functionalities are available. Firstly, the "Proxy Scheduling” feature allows coordinating schedules of other members, which is quite convenient as different team members handle scheduling for interviewers. Secondly, the ability to notify via Slack or email when schedules are confirmed. It's beneficial to have the team informed about scheduling matters in business operations. For instance, it's useful in recruitment processes. While Spir is efficient in personal schedule management, its real value shines when used by multiple team members.
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[2] Flexible scheduling between team members

Spir enables scheduling for "everyone can attend" or "anyone can attend" for multiple team members. For instance, using "anyone can attend" is handy when only one member from a specific sales team needs to be available.

Case Study

At NewsPicks, they send scheduling URLs for sales members in emails to leads, allowing customers to directly set up meetings.
When comparing paid scheduling tools, what made us choose Spir was the "anyone can attend" feature and the user interface. We embed Spir's URL in emails to leads, enabling customers to schedule directly from there. Using the random assignment function, one member from the sales team is assigned for appointments.
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If you have any questions about using these features, please refer to our User Guide or contact us through the chat window available in the bottom right corner of the service.