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Thank you for starting to use Spir! We've received numerous inquiries from users asking, "What should I do first when starting to use Spir?" So, here are some things we'd like you to try out with Spir.
With Spir's team functionality, you can efficiently coordinate with multiple members within your team. Key use cases include coordinating with other members for deals, meetings, or arranging schedules on behalf of executives by assistants.
Therefore, before you start using Spir, it's necessary to invite team members (those who will coordinate or be coordinated with) to your team. Once invited, members can view calendars on Spir, facilitating coordination between administrators and members.

How to Invite

Select "Team settings" then click "Invite" at the top right of the screen. Input the email addresses of the members you want to invite, then click "Send an invitation email"
After inviting, members need to complete their registration. Instructions for members are documented in the following guide. Feel free to use this when explaining to your team members.
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Start Scheduling Once Set Up

Here's a summary of the team-oriented features Spir offers. It's a useful reference guide to get started.
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If you have any questions about using these features, please refer to our User Guide or contact us through the chat window available in the bottom right corner of the service.